Balvin has developed a refuelling system VNR based on vehicle number recognition for fleet operators with their own refueling depots. Fleet operators thus far have used the popular vehicle identification by key, card or RFID tag. Some have gone further by identifying the vehicle with an active or passive attachment to it in order to prevent refueling of other than the intended vehicle.

Balvin’s VNR makes it easier for drivers to refuel their vehicles by automatic identification. The vehicle arriving at the fuelling station is detected and photographed when still. The vehicle number or the registration is then compared with the number in the database to release the dispenser for fuelling. This method of refueling is convenient and inherently secure.

Whilst the automatic vehicle identification obviates the need for the user ID’s, the mileage or odometer inputs essential for proper fuel management is tedious and prone to incorrect entries. To redress this Balvin has introduced a full touch screen which displays not only picture of his vehicle but also his last mileage entry and other details prompting him to enter the correct mileage. If the vehicles are fitted with GPRS tracking devices the computed mileage could be sent by the GPRS service provider to the GPRS module in the Balvin system. In any event Balvin would recommend user mileage entries and reserve the GPRS computed mileage for reference only.