The Visy-x system supplies not only level information of tanks, but also features a range of components from the field of environmental sensors.


As an electronic dip system the VISY-X tank level gauge improves cost efficiency and logistics at petrol stations as well as being designed to protect humans and the environment.

Its integrated water detection function makes an additional crucial contribution to quality assurance. Optionally, it offers real-time volume and leakage monitoring. Its support of remote data transfer makes it a high quality resource management tool.




Tank Level Gauging & Tank Level Sensors


The level and environmental sensor based on the magnetostrictive measuring principle

VISY-Stick is a fill level and environmental sensor which is especially suitable for use in monitoring quantities and leakage.

Details Highly precise sensors based on the magnetostrictive measuring principle
Details Records product fill level, product temperature and water level
Details All parts in contact with the media made of high-quality stainless steel
Details Completely maintenance-free

VISY-Stick Advanced

The Highly Precise Level and Environmental Sensor
Based on the Magnetostrictive Measuring Principle

VISY-Stick Advanced is a level sensor of the highest precision and which is also suitable for detecting leakages in the tank.

Records product fill level and water level
Temperature sensors measure product temperature precisely
Detection of even the smallest changes in levels
Wireless connection to VISY-Command possible

VISY-Stick Flex

The Level Measurement for Large Storage Tanks

VISY-Stick Flex is a level and environmental sensor designed
especially for use in large storage tanks.

Highly precise sensors based on magnetostrictive measurement principle
Measures product level, product temperature and water level
Probe lengths up to 15 m
Installation in tanks with low tank height possible
Completely maintenance-free


VISY-Stick Interstitial

The Leakage Sensor for Double-Walled Tanks

The VISY-Stick Interstitial is an interstices sensor and is used for the quick detection of leakage. It is used in double-walled tanks when the interstices have been filled with a leak-detection fluid. If the level of the liquid in the defined area of the interstice changes, an alarm is triggered.

Continuously measures liquid level and temperature
Immediately triggers an alarm in case of leaks
Simple and low-cost installation and start-up

VISY-Stick Sump

The Sensors for the Monitoring
of Manhole and Dispenser Shafts

The VISY-STICK Sump sensors are used to monitor the manhole shafts and the shaft below the dispenser. The sensors detect any liquids which may collect in the shafts and can quickly and precisely distinguish between water and fuels.

Measurement of water level in manhole or dispenser shaft
Alarm is triggered when fuel and water and detected
Encapsulated design for protection from contamination
Equipped with manipulation guard

VISY-Reed Interstitial

The Leakage Sensor for Double-Walled Tanks

VISY-Reed Interstitial sensors detect the presence of liquids in the interstices of double-walled tanks. They function as alarm systems and monitor the level of the liquid. VISY-Reed Interstitial is available as a “Dry” variant for dry interstices and a “Wet” variant for interstices filled with liquids.

Sturdy and stable design
Housing made of brass, floater made of stainless steel
Response threshold at about 30 mm

VISY-Reed Sump

The Sensors for the Monitoring of Manhole

and Dispenser Shafts

VISY-Reed Sump sensors detect liquids in the manhole shaft and under the dispenser. They function as alarm systems and monitor the level of the liquid. VISY-Reed sensors are a low-cost solution for simple and reliable detection of liquids.

Sturdy and stable construction
Housing made of brass, floater made of stainless steel
Response threshold at about 30 mm


Wireless Solution for VISY-X

The tank content measurement system VISY-X is also available in a version for wireless operation. The VISY-RFT transwithter module mounted in the manhole shaft wirelessly sends the tank data recorded by the tank content sensors VISY-Stick to the measurement analysis VISY-Command RFR which is equipped with one, optionally two, external reception aerial(s).<

Field of application

VISY-RF is used wherever the routing of cables is unfeasible, or would be too cost-intensive. The wireless system proves beneficial in this scenario because no excavation work is required. The wireless system is suitable for all aboveground and underground storage tanks.

Info Compatible with all VISY-X components
Info Long battery life
Info High level of data availability
Info Easy to install and configure

Truck Driver Display

The VISY-TD Display (Truck Driver Display) is an optional part of the VISY-X system designed to provide the fuel delivery truck driver with the most up to date information about the tanks. With the VISY-TD Display the fuel delivery driver is precisely informed about ullage of individual tanks, any warnings and tank levels before the delivery of the fuel starts. The VISY-TD Display is situated inside of the station building to allow visibility outside of business hours, to ensure there are no issues with delivery without a station manager present.

Why Install VISY-TD Display?

Installing the VISY-TD Display adds an extra precautionary level of safety to the forecourt environment. Ensuring the fuel delivery driver is fully aware of tank contents before delivery, helping to eliminate the risk of overfilling. Connected to the VISY- TD Display is a switch which enables the truck driver to view the data of each of the monitored tanks.

Main Features & Benefits
  • Presents clear data overview
    due to a high contrast display
  • Displays tank nsumber, fuel designation, capacity and volume.
    The ullage is displayed in
    extra-large digits
  • Displays volumes higher than 1.000.000 liters in m³
  • Presents the status of the currently selected tank
  • Displays errors detected in the tanks or by the measuring system.
    The corresponding error is
    displayed as error code.


VISY-TD Display

Overfill Prevention Valves and Limit Switch

For safety during tank filling

The filling safety device prevents overfilling of storage tanks and bunker tanks when they are filled by tank trucks with petrol, diesel and heating oils. It comprises an overfill prevention sensor inside the tank and a repeater with an actuator inside the tank truck.

The QSS-/ASS connection valve is part of a security system. Here the hose connection to the tanker is checked and the mixing of products caused by incorrect connection during the tank filling is prevented.

Advantages of FAFNIR’s Technology:
Proven millions of times
measuring principle functions reliably under the most difficult conditions

Completely maintenance-free

robust design without moving parts


Approved in accordance with ATEX,
TRbF 511 and TRbF 512

Information Sheet

Overfill Prevention

Separix Water Leak Detection

On time alarm to protect the environment

The SEPARIX water leak detection system is the ideal sensor to warn operators about the risks of contaminating ground and waste water by oil and light fluids. It is particularly suitable for petrol, mineral oil components and oil from plant and animal origins.

The separation layer sensor SEPARIX-C can be used for detecting changes in layer thickness and the level sensor SEPARIX-T provides the optimum monitoring and safeguarding of all separators. The alarm is signalled visually and audibly by the control unit SEPARIX-Control.

Advantages of FAFNIR’s Technolog

Modular system

With separation layer sensor
and retention sensor

Flexible and safe

Can be used in all oil and
volatile liquid separators
ATEX approval for Zone 0

Simple operation

Functional test of internal and external alarm system by pressing a button

Simple installation

Compact design without any
mechanically moving parts

Information Sheet